Monday, February 19, 2018

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About Us

About SquawkinIt

Your Business. Our Platform.

SquawkinIt™ is the only multi-venue, free service that provides internet and mobile solutions to grow your business and build your brand right from your internet connection and cell phone! SquawkinIt™ was founded from advanced technology developments rooted in Department of Defense and the Aerospace industry. Sounds strange? Well, let’s take a quick look and see how SquawkinIt evolved. Whether in competition for market share and profits, or on the battlefield, there are certain commonalities in technologies that result in success. These include: amassing a network of people and suppliers; distributing information quickly and at the right times to the right people for the right reasons; rapidly changing strategies and tactics to meet dynamically changing environments (or markets); publishing information at any time; well.. we could go on, but we think you get our point.

Our team represents an eclectic mix of very talented and passionate people. We believe that you will be fascinated by what we do. From hardware to software design and development, we bring innovation to improve the quality of people's lives, our local communities, and to a global economy. It's about choices for everyone, and that is exactly what we give you. The Business Network Advantage was spawned by our inventions that serve many industries to include sustainable energy, transportation, utilities, health care, charities, sports, education, and much more!
                SquawkinIt Builds Your Brand. Not Ours!
Size Doesn't Matter.

Business survival feeds families, makes our communities a better place to live, and increases economic viability from local towns to across our Nation. SquawkinIt™ leverages the internet and cell phones to neutralize the playing field for all businesses by removing advantages due to size, location, and financial strength. SquawkinIt™ does this in a fair and competitive manner, resulting in positioning the success of businesses due to price, quality, convenience, and service – not simply due to marketing budget and existing brand awareness.

What people see on the internet, in emails, print, and on their cell phones is you’re your brand, your business promotions and information you want them the see. But behind the scenes, SquawkinIt provides powerful tools that let you create your marketing venues, build a strong business network, and reward your customers.

Build a stronger business.

SquawkinIt is your silent partner whose sole purpose is to help your business grow. How? By giving you access to:

  1. Online, real-time promotional technologies;
  2. Our existing business & buyer network memberships;
  3. Our successful programs and processes;
  4. Customized packages what specifically meet your requirements. 


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We help you acquire, grow, and retain customers!

SquawkinIt helps you acquire, grow, and retain customers using our innovative solutions and established programs. Look at some of the industries we are providing solutions to:

Auto Dealers   Ad / Marketing  
Banking    Charities
Construction    Education
Food Service   Faith-Based
Government   Healthcare  
Hospitality    Insurance
Labor Groups   Marketing/Sales  
Clubs & Unions   Retail Commerce  
Telecommunications   Transportation
Utilities   Veterans