Monday, February 19, 2018

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Improve your business now with Business Network Advantage!

How it Works

We make your Dealership the central focus of all Community Buy Local activities. By placing your dealership as the “hub” in our hub-and-spoke marketing model, all business and consumer activities are exposed to your brand, products, services, and incentives you offer. Our program works together or independently with Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, sports teams, churches, and other business and people groups in and around your showroom location.

More Personal

Advertising “blasts” associated with print, email, radio, and TV are impersonal. Business Network Advantage incorporates addressable marketing concepts with “high touch” venues that result in providing a personalized exposure for your business. By helping local area businesses, your dealership improves its community appeal to local owners and their customers.

More Sales in 30 Days

Business Network Advantage is a community-based business and social network program that links your dealership with local businesses to encourage "Buy Local."  Dealers realize improved business, brand, and goodwill within 30 days! Don't take our word for it. Take our guarantee!

Affiliates Don't Pay!

Your already advertise. It's part of your normal business expense. By enabling local businesses to benefit from your brand and marketing, they become loyal affiliates that share a common goal with you - to increase sales. That is why we developed this program at no cost to local businesses who sign-on to be your affiliate. The best part is everybody wins: you, local businesses, your surrounding community, and most importantly, the customers! Customers and affiliates do not pay membership fees or have any long-term obligation.



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