Monday, February 19, 2018

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About SquawkinIt


Flexible, Adaptable, Extensible                  

Businesses, organizations, government agencies, and academic institutions have a few things in common which can include: strengthen their brand; improve people relationships; foster loyalty; and reward good performance and behavior. Of course, other requirements may include increase retention, increase revenues, and improve membership participation.

We are a diversified company with extensive experience in a wide range of industries. We learned from a grassroots level the market dynamics necessary for success in each of these industries. These “lessons learned” are encapsulated in our Advantage™ programs and are available to fulfill your unmet needs.

Each business, organization, agency, and group is uniquely different within and across the varying industries. We have developed a common baseline of programs for loyalty, rewards, acquisition, and retention, and important to you, we provide the self-management online tools that enable you to specifically customize each of these programs for your needs. You can do this with your own team, outsource to us, or we can work together.

The design and management of acquisition, retention and loyalty programs varies greatly depending on your company and industry vertical. We have experts who specialize in specific industries which gives them a deeper understanding of industry guidelines and regulations.

Chose Your Industry        

We have created many customized solutions, with a partial listing of industries shown below. Why not check us out and see how quick and easy it is to start strengthening your business today! 

  • Auto Dealers
  • Banking
  • Construction
  • Food Service
  • Government
  • Hospitality
  • Labor Groups
  • Clubs & Unions
  • Telecommunications
  • Utilities
  • Ad / Marketing
  • Charities
  • Education
  • Faith-Based
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Marketing/Sales
  • Retail Commerce
  • Transportation
  • Veterans

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Let's Work Together

We do best what you need, so you can do best what you do! Whether you make products, deliver services, or both, we can help you increase your value, improve your social interactions, and yield greater returns…whether measured as revenues, profits, customers, members, transactions, social participants, or whatever!

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Industry Advantage

How It Works

Through our leadership and “hands-on” experience, we have identified business processes, key performance indicators, and business intelligence pertaining to how successful industries achieve end-over-end growth. We identified the essential elements associated with profitability, employee morale, and customer retention. We further analyzed how to effectively implement and deliver rewards that result in the highest probability of new customer acquisition.

Combing this database of business intelligence with industry-specific rule-driven decision-support systems enabled us to develop algorithms that model behavior of businesses and people, identify influence factors, and predict outcomes. The result is a powerful system that provides cognitive decision support across buyers and sellers.

Essentially, SquawkinIt is an infomediary that leverages addressable, network, and social marketing to best provide solutions for businesses and all stakeholders.