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Community & Social Service

It’s never too late to contribute to public and social service. “I believe Moses was 80 when God first commissioned him for public service.”
Ronald Reagan (American 40th US President (1981- 89), 1911-2004)

Contributions to Community & Society

Community Advantage improves our neighborhoods and residents.Serving individuals in need has many challenges. Funding, awareness, distribution of information, education, service delivery, transportation, and other necessities pose difficult problems for organizations involved in community and social services. Many Community-Based Organizations (CBO) and Faith-Based Organizations (FBO) operate as Non-Profit Organizations (NPO) and generally lack financial and human resources to meet the demands of the mission they embrace.

Community Advantage™ enables NPOs to overcome some daunting challenges without increasing human workload or incurring expenses. In addition, the program is designed to assist community residents in obtaining supplies necessary for daily living.

Community Advantage™ offers a directory of product and service providers, case managers, and important facilities and programs, such as shelters, food banks, dependency centers, and youth activities. Available programs include work placement, volunteer management, ride share programs, health care and wellness, food banks, and much more. 

Community Advantage™

Community Advantage coordinates transportation and delivery of needed supplies.Whether you operate as a CBO, FBO, government agency, or other Non-Profit Organization, Community Advantage™ provides invaluable contributions to your mission. It can be structured to provide individual benefits on an “as requested” basis or support groups of individuals with specific needs. Community Advantage™ provides anonymity which protects the personal dignity of and privacy of people in need while matching them with supporting caregivers, case managers, suppliers, and surplus.

Community Advantage™ offers auditing and accountability and identifies core workflows that require assistance or non-functional tasks that can be suspended to save resources. The program is highly flexible and scalable with the ability to support local, regional, state, multi-jurisdictional, and National social service programs. Select from any one of our existing programs, mix-and-match, or completely customize a program that best supports your mission. Our technology and customer support team can give you exactly what you need – and the best part is that you make changes at any time. This way, your educational programs remain current, producing students that have skills relevant to your organization and to their personal growth.

Join our other Community Advantage™ customers who are experiencing successes in areas such as:

  • Provide alternative sourcing channels for products and services;
  • Expedite service delivery;
  • Increase service transactions;
  • Streamline case worker management;
  • Increase participation from all stakeholders;
  • Coordinate (gap) transportation;
  • Serve socio-economically disadvantaged groups.

Proven Results

Community Advantage™ is the fastest and most efficient and affordable system to manage social and community services. It can be deployed as a long-term or interim solution, either as a stand-alone solution or to augment existing systems. Community Advantage™ can even be deployed within minutes as an Emergency Response System that provides incident response and mass notifications such as Public Safety & Service Announcements during disasters. Support a single person or serve a multi-jurisdictional territory. Either way, Community Advantage™ offers valuable benefits to all stakeholders.

Featured Advantage Members

Community Advantage™ supports a wide-range of needs for Community and Faith-Based Organizations within local areas, regional territories, or Nation-wide:

   Multi-State Consortium

SMART, a 501.C3 non-profit organization SMART States is an Advantage Memberis a Congressional initiative to regionalize science and technology advocacy across all technology topics and disciplines within the four states of DE, PA, MD, and NJ. SMART ( In addition to the Congressional Caucus, SMART membership is composed of academia, businesses, government labs/field agencies and organizations. SMART focuses its activities via thirteen technology groups which result in networking, events and projects. Community Advantage™ assists SMART in workflow and membership management. SMART has hosted over 250 bipartisan events, 53 major events, and 197 regional events/working meetings, facilitating $450Million of projects.

   National Charitable Organization Truckers For Charity is an Advantage Member

Truckers for Charity ( provides technical assistance, resources and coordination on Awareness, Prevention, Protection, Response and Recovery activities for disasters, emergencies, and terrorist attacks. Truckers for Charity is a private organization dedicated to soliciting and coordinating trucks, off-road vehicles, and equipment along with their operators to band together to help Americans during times of disaster. Community Advantage™ provides membership support, service requests, and dispatch coordination for disaster victims and transportation, labor providers, and critical supply providers.

To learn more about our Community Advantage™ Programs, contact our Community & Social Service team today!


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