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Transportation Advantage builds your business!We have deep experience in transportation and travel as system manufacturers, car dealership owners, travel agents, pilots, hospitality operators, commercial trucking, rail cars, shipping, and other related aspects. The transportation and travel industries pretty much affect the entire population. Whether you use personal or public transportation to get to your destinations, our daily lives are surrounded by cars, buses, trains, and airplanes. Airline, hotels, rental car, and credit card companies mainly use rewards plans for travelers based on mileage or purchases. However, Transportation Advantage™ is designed to provide value to all stakeholders in the transportation and travel industries. We address the needs of providers as well as travelers in both consumer and commercial markets.

Transportation Advantage™ combines the two worlds of transportation providers and their associated infrastructure with travelers and their association with tourism, consumer purchasing, and the hospitality industry. For travelers, Transportation Advantage™ offers opportunities for discounts, special incentives, and rewards not only at their origin, but more importantly, at their destination and points along the way. This simply is not possible with local printed coupon books. With our Transportation Advantage™ program, you can expand your brand and sales throughout the entire trip ticket – from planning to destination and return.

Transportation Advantage™

It’s a Big Business World out There! Transporting people and goods encompasses a massive industry chain of manufacturers, laborers, professionals, and businesses. Transportation Advantage™ lets everyone in the chain develop value programs that are specific to their contributions. For example, auto parts dealers are integral to keeping vehicles rolling and making travelers comfortable and safe. Their customers have far-reaching brand and marketing influence that can benefit the parts distributor, the parts manufacturer, and the end-use vehicle OEM. Transportation Advantage™ helps parts dealers extend their brand strategy and capture additional sales through digital social networking. Select from any one of our existing programs, mix-and-match, or completely customize a program that best supports your goals. Our technology and customer support team can give you exactly what you need – and the best part is that you make changes at any time. This way, you stay relevant by being “better, faster, and smarter” than your competition!

Transportation Advantage serves Travels and Transport Providers!Our Transportation Advantage™ Program can address all aspects of the transportation and travel industries such as:

  • Transportation providers (sea, air, land, rail);
  • Resorts and hospitalities;
  • Parts and supply centers;
  • Entertainment and tour guides;
  • Fuel and service centers;
  • Travel agents and consultants;
  • Clothing and outfitters;
  • Transportation system manufacturers.

Join our other Transportation Advantage™ customers who are experiencing successes in areas such as:

  • Provide mobile-based addressable marketing;
  • Implement rewards programs in business models that do not generally lend themselves to such programs;
  • Establish affiliate marketing partners that otherwise would be foreboding;
  • Increase customer loyalty by providing value to them anywhere they travel;
  • New customer acquisition through increased participation in the social networks associated with the travel industry.   

Proven Results

Give your transportation or travel-related business a competitive edge with Transportation Advantage™. By working together, your business can focus on growth in a highly competitive market! The result is an extremely flexible and fast system that delivers value to subscribers and profits to your bottom line! 

Featured Advantage Member

Orion VIS is a Transportation Advantage MemberOrion Vehicle Intelligence System™ ( provides subscription-based mobile communications for any powered or unpowered vehicle. Orion VIS offers vehicle security, operations management and control, turn-by-turn navigation, emergency response, travel management services, hands free calling, and remote diagnostics worldwide. Through a privately-branded Transportation Advantage™ program, Orion VIS owners are provided travel rewards for participating in surveys and identifying places to visit and patronize across the US.

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