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About SquawkinIt

Marketing Solutions

Business Network Advantage Programs

SquawkinIt™ uniquely offers Your Advantage Program which can improve growth, goodwill, branding, loyalty, market reach, retention, and customer support. In 5 minutes, Your Advantage Program lets you create your very own Business Network and/or Customer Network Advantage programs.

Your Advantage Program takes advantage of your “Network Neighbors,” those businesses and customers that share with you either the same geographical location or are interested in your offerings. Your Advantage Program lets you reach these businesses and customers without mass media, but by providing a coordinated marketing plan that is specific, measurable, and consistently executed for your operations. Our goal is to help you develop lasting relationships within your “neighborhood” in order to build your brand and sales.

At the heart of success for Your Advantage Program is a commitment to build relationships, give back to the community and customers, and create a venue for social activity or entertainment that serves the needs of your neighbors. Whether you are part of a large chain or a single-store operator, a focus on local involvement in your small radius reinforces your best chance for growth and success.

        SquawkinIt Builds Your Brand. Not Ours!

Your Advantage Program works on the simple principle that activities which get customers to visit more often create a higher return on investment. This means it is not only important to acquire new customers, but to also retain them for life. Your Advantage Program seeks to increase brand recognition and profit through word-of-mouth and viral marketing. The result is 3 to 5 times more brand recognition and business opportunities than mass media, at little to no cost to you.

We create business and social network neighbors which can seamlessly communicate and share information, yielding strong brands and increased profits. Unlike Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Gowalla, and others, SquawkinIt™ is for networking with businesses and people you don’t know or have access to, but with whom you have common business and social interests.

SquawkinIn™ aggregates offers and promotions with similar interests and makes them part of Your Advantage Network activity stream. This approach results in more targeted, personalized offers which organizes both local and major brands into one big group buying activity.

Putting Customers in Your Hand

SquawkinIt™ puts a wealth of businesses and customers in your neighborhood right in the palm of your hand. No need for mass or expensive ad campaigns. SquawkinIt™ gives you and your customers a rewarding experience by connecting you deeply into your local community and extended market areas. Great deals for everyone. Great branding and profits for you.


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