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About SquawkinIt Customer Acquisition Programs       

Growing your Business, NOT your Budget!

The ability to attract and retain new customers is at the core of every successful business.. While the cost of acquiring new customers has traditionally been a very expensive proposition, the advent of the internet and mobile communications has provided a new array of tools to create more efficient and effective customer acquisition strategies. With our Business Network Advantage™ program, you can reach any group of targeted potential customers faster, more directly, with a message tailored to their specific needs and at a fraction of the cost of traditional media. With the Business Network Advantage™ program you can significantly increase your profits with a dramatically lower cost per customer. And further, business managers know that it can also be extremely time consuming to generate leads that match your ideal customer demographics and convert those leads into customers. Business Network Advantage™ is the perfect solution to identify new prospects, enhance your brand, promote your products and services, and develop new sales, either directly or through our business network.  Business Network Advantage™ brings it all together: your brand, rewards, loyalty, new customer development, existing customer retention and sales. It’s that simple!

Customize your Acquisition Program

Business Network Advantage is more than discounts; it's Brand, Service, and Social Networking. The traditional approach in attracting new customers is to offer steep discounts. Most often this reduces inventory, but doesn’t establish meaningful new customers and does little for profits. Instead, we offer multiple programs that work together to provide a complete solution for new customer acquisition: Business Network Advantage™ offers unprecendented value to you and your customers:

  • Business Network Advantage gets you New Customers!Capturing and qualifying leads;
  • Reducing customer turnover;
  • Increasing prospect conversions;
  • Promoting brand appeal;
  • Increasing market share;
  • Developing Business Intelligence;
  • Harnessing social networking;
  • Timely and accurate processing of leads;
  • Leveraging peer-to-peer marketing;
  • Identifying and resolving sales funnel blockages.

We believe your customer acquisition program should be unique to your business, your customers or members. Select from any one of our existing turn-key programs, mix-and-match, or completely customize a program that best supports your goals. Our technology and customer support team can give you exactly what you need and you make changes to optimize your program at any time. With a branded Business Network Advantage™ program, you stay relevant by being “better, faster, and smarter” than your competition, and at virtually no additional cost!

A Successful Acquisition Program Just Right for You!

Business Network Advantage leads to New Customer Sales.Business Network Advantage™ increases sales, extends your market reach and enhances your brand awareness and appeal, all without increasing your budget! With the Business Network Advantage™, you will also strengthen relationships with affiliates, improve your community standing and even re-cultivate former customers.

In short, the Business Network Advantage™ gets it right. Your product and service messages get to the right people, at the right time, in the right place, and at the right price. By using the Business Network Advantage™ your brand will always be recognized as representing quality, value, and commitment to customers. The results are increased deal flow while providing you with the greatest flexibility in pricing strategy.

Business Network Advantage™ offers you options to start generating new customers quickly. You may choose any one or all of our existing programs, or enhance your existing program with new features and capabilities. If your business requires customized features, then let us craft a Business Network Advantage™ program to match your requirements.

Our Business Network Advantage™ programs can be packaged into the precise offering that that best fits your requirements. The Business Network Advantage™ offers maximum flexibility. You can design your own program or let our team of experts help you customize the program that best matches your desired customer demographics.    

Why Choose Business Network Advantage™

The Business Network Advantage™ enables you to attract new and retain existing customers, provides targeted strategies to promote growth, and extends your valuable brand. Choose the option that works best for you: pick an existing program, enhance your current program, or customize a solution to meet your specific needs. Our combination of Affiliate Members and advanced technology provide unique value that you can harness today.       

  • Business Network Advantage includes eCommerce with cart.FLEXIBLE STRATEGIES: Implement a variety of marketing strategies that maximize customer motivation;
  • CUSTOMER DEMOGRAPHICS: Use data profiling & analysis techniques provide improved customer targeting;
  • MARKET EXTENSION: Utilize Customer Segmentation techniques for better customer acquisition & retention;
  • CO-BRANDING STRATEGIES: Leverage co-brands from our Affiliate Network to increase your brand awareness and loyalty;
  • REWARDS: Integrate with any of the Business Network Advantage™ features like Loyalty, Rewards, Customer Retention, and Customer Acquisition to motivate customers and achieve growth.

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