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Customer Retention

Your Customers - Forever

The quickest and most cost effective way to grow your business is to keep your existing customers. Depending on the type and price of your offerings, this may be a challenge. High-cost items that are infrequently replaced or repaired can erode your continued customer base. For example, a customer may only purchase one house in their lifetime from a realtor. The Business Network Advantage™ not only provides you with program options to keep existing customers, but it can even help you benefit from the “single purchase only” customers.

Many businesses concentrate on retaining their best customers, which may only represent 20% of their total customer base. The Business Network Advantage™ enables businesses to provide value driven programs to all customers – turning formerly “one-and-done” customers to repeat performers. Business Network Advantage™ delivers simple, affordable solutions using both social and mobile features that allow you to start increasing your customer retention today. It’s that simple!

Business Network Advantage builds Your Brand. Not Ours!Customize your Retention Program

Turn customer satisfaction into near-term business success with Business Network Advantage™. Select from any one of our existing turn-key programs, mix-and-match, or completely customize a program that best supports your brand strategy. Our technology and customer support team can give you exactly what you need and you can make changes to optimize your program at any time. With a branded Business Network Advantage™ program you can stay relevant by being “better, faster, and smarter” than your competition, and at virtually no additional cost.

Grow Repeat Sales with Business Network AdvantageBusiness Network Advantage™ helps you overcome aggressive competition; lack of routine, customer communications and social interaction; and the perceived lack of continued value provided after the initial sale.

  • Prevent customer defection to competitors;
  • Meet customer’s needs that extend beyond your own business offerings;
  • Support your customers and your Affiliates with the same program;
  • Establish meaningful communication and social interaction;
  • Increase brand recognition and loyalty.       

Why Choose Business Network Advantage™

Customer retention is not only a cost effective and profitable strategy, but in today's business environment it can mean the difference between success and failure. Customer retention marketing is a tactically-driven approach deeply rooted in customer behavior. Customer retention is the driving success behind relationship marketing, loyalty marketing, permission marketing, and demographic marketing.

Understanding the factors for customer retention is important because past and current customer behavior serves as a strong predictor of future customer behavior.

  • The cost of acquiring new customers is five times more than retaining current customers;
  • Increasing customer retention by 2% has the same impact on profits as reducing operational expenses by 10%;
  • Every year you continue to retain a customer, you reap larger profits from their repeat sales;

Our customer retention programs are successfully implemented for a variety of businesses, industries, organizations, clubs, sports teams, US Veterans, Social Services, Unions, and other entities supporting employees, customers, vendors, or memberships. Business Network Advantage™ can be quickly customized to meet the most demanding requirements.

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