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Rewards Programs

The Right Rewards Reap Retention and Revenues

The design of any rewards program should complement and advance the company’s overall brand strategy. The ultimate combined goals should be to engender increased loyalty among existing customers and to attract new customers to the company’s products or services. At the heart of every successful rewards program is the “Customer 1st” message, the message that their customers are important and receive valuable benefits for being customers. Developing a rewards program has traditionally required a great deal of time, effort, money, and people. That is, until now. Business Network Advantage™ offers innovative, ready-to-launch programs, such as discount and savings programs, that can get you started today! In fact, you can actually customize your own program in just one hour! Our established and proven programs as well as our expansive affiliate network enable you to provide the optimal rewards package for your business that offers the greatest ROI. You select the reward type based on sales, purchases, members gained, or other contributions important for your business. It’s that simple!

SquawkinIt Builds Your Brand. Not Ours!Customize your Rewards Program

Select any combination of our rewards programs: New Customer Acquisition, Incentives, Benefits, Retention, and much more. Show your customer appreciation today! Look at the value you get for implementing Advantage Rewards™:

  • Have greater intimacy and social media rapport with buyers;
  • Collect valuable buyer demographics including geo-location;
  • Upsell your offerings or select products and services from our affiliates;
  • Extend your market reach at no additional cost;
  • Increase your brand awareness and customer loyalty;
  • You can quickly modify your rewards program to provide a more dynamic and richer customer experience while maximizing benefits to your business.

We believe your rewards program should be unique to your business, your customers or members. Select from any one of our existing turn-key programs, mix-and-match, or completely customize a program that best supports your brand strategy. Our technology and customer support team can give you exactly what you need and you can make changes to optimize your program at any time. With a branded Business Network Advantage™ program you can stay relevant by being “better, faster, and smarter” than your competition, and at virtually no additional cost!

Create or Enhance any Rewards Program

Rewards Advantage builds Your Brand!Whether it’s a fully customized and private-labeled program or a simple turnkey solution, we will listen to and analyze your needs, and recommend the best rewards strategy for your business.

Our rewards programs can be packaged to accommodate any specific offering that best fits your requirements. You can design your own program, or let our team of experts help you maximize your brand strategy.

See how our innovative marketing solutions work, how they have helped others and how they can help you retain your best customers, drive expansion and instill loyalty and repeat business from all of your customers!  

Why Choose Business Network Advantage™

Business Network Advantage™ goes beyond discounts and special promotions which, for the most part, are “one and done.” We offer many options to help you cultivate and keep customers through the combination of our Affiliate Members and the advanced technology used to create and deliver successful online and mobile rewards programs.

  • LOCATION-BASED SOCIAL NETWORKS REWARDS: Provide valuable rewards when, where, and how customers can use them.
  • BRAND BUILDING: Promote your brand so that customers are constantly reminded that you provide value and care about them.
  • EASILY ACCESSIBLE: Using QR Codes, text messages, and web links, your business is always “at customer’s fingertips.”
  • FLEXIBLE DELIVERY: Deliver your rewards through your website, Affiliate Member websites, mobile phones, email, and even print.
  • GIVE MORE WITH LESS: Business Network Advantage™ enables you to provide a vast menu of valuable rewards that extend beyond your business’ products or services.

To learn more about our Rewards Programs and our Private-Label Rewards Programs, contact our Business Network Advantage™ team today!


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