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Flexibility for Every Business Model!

Business Network Advantage™ offers an array of products to help you achieve your goals. It’s about communicating the right message at the right time to the right people using the method that works best for them. We help you execute your vision – or formulate it if you need to energize your marketing and sales. Select from any one of our existing turn-key programs, mix-and-match, or completely customize a program that best supports your brand strategy.

Business Network Advantage offers Superior Digital ProductsWe not only help you with establishing your innovative programs, Today, people have many options in how they either receive or send information such as voice (cell or land line phone), text message, email, website, blog, and instant messenger. The best method to use depends upon where people are located, the importance of the message, and their personal preferences.

Our Features, Your Options

We support a superior communications and network infrastructure that enables us to provide you with innovate marketing options that best meet your requirements. Our solutions support new customer acquisition, rewards, loyalty, and retention for any business model. Select from any one of our existing programs, mix-and-match, or completely customize a program that best supports your brand strategy.

Our technology and customer support team can give you exactly what you need and you can make changes to optimize your program at any time. With our multi-venue products and services, your personalized Business Network Advantage™ program can remain relevant and effectively support your mission and goals.

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Best-in-Class Products

Customer retention is not only a cost effective and profitable strategy, but in today's business environment it can mean the difference between success and failure. Customer retention marketing is a tactically-driven approach deeply rooted in customer behavior. Customer retention is the driving success behind relationship marketing, loyalty marketing, permission marketing, and demographic marketing.

  • Digital: online, real-time solutions let you create and manage programs for: affiliate programs; rewards; loyalty; retention; new customer acquisition; distribution; and business intelligence
  • Mobile: text message and geo-location marketing programs
  • Social: create personal and organizational networks
  • Communications: distribute and collect information via Interactive Voice Response telephone; text message; email; fax; and websites and online services
  • Web Tools: Create, manage, and host robust websites and mobile web solutions using our Content Management System
  • Print: Promotional brochures, flyers, cards, posters, and banners that support your Business Network Advantage™ programs
  • Custom Services: our staff of engineers, programmers, marketing, and sales experts can create personalized solutions for any business model.

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We help you acquire, grow, and retain customers!

SquawkinIt helps you acquire, grow, and retain customers using our innovative solutions and established programs. Look at some of the industries we are providing solutions to:

Auto Dealers   Ad / Marketing  
Banking    Charities
Construction    Education
Food Service   Faith-Based
Government   Healthcare  
Hospitality    Insurance
Labor Groups   Marketing/Sales  
Clubs & Unions   Retail Commerce  
Telecommunications   Transportation
Utilities   Veterans

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