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About SquawkinIt

Digital Products

Digital Flexibility for Success!

Our digital online products provide convenient real-time solutions that enable your business to create, deliver, and manage programs for customer loyalty, rewards, retention, and acquisition. Our goal is help you give your customers the best service, price, and convenience possible at little or no charge to you. We know you can’t be all things to customers, but with our easy-to-implement digital solutions, you can provide your customers with value that extends well beyond current business model.

Business Network Advantage offers Superior Digital ProductsWith our digital solutions, we extend your market reach and put your brand in front of new and existing customers. We make it easy for you to create compelling promotions and easy for people to find them and purchase.

We digitally connect your brand with your customers, but also with businesses and people around the world. We digitally keep your brand in front of your customers even if they are traveling from Timbuctoo, NJ to Timbuctoo, CA. We expose your brand to potentially new customers say from Hopeulikit, GA to Rancho Cucamonga, MT.


Digital Promotions: More than Coupons

Discount coupons by themselves address customers who focus solely on lowest price. It’s challenging for customers to be loyal to their traditional stores when bulk discount stores are opening up everywhere. Sure, location, convenience, community demographics, and service can also influence customer decisions. Most businesses can NOT easily, quickly, or affordable change factors that influence customer buying decisions. Business Network Advantage™ enables your business to effectively compete in vying for customers by appealing to their core values at what is important to their personal quality of living, their community, and their family and friends.

Our digital programs do not solely rely upon influencing people, but rather caters to what, when, why, where, and how individuals purchases. We consider brand recognition and strategically promote your brand in the right place at the right time to the right people in the method that is best for them.

With our multi-venue Digital Solution Suite™, your personalized Business Network Advantage™ program can remain relevant and effectively support your mission and goals.

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Powerful. Flexible, Simple. And, most importantly…Effective. In just 5 minutes you can give your business the ultimate competitive advantage. Increase your profits, exposure, and brand without increasing your budget. Just look at what you can establish in just 5 minutes using our Digital Solution Suite:

  • Online discount coupons and promotions;
  • Private-label Business Network Advantage programs;
  • Internet & Email marketing toolkit;
  • Rewards & Cash Back programs;
  • Affiliate Program Manager;
  • Maximize website effectiveness;
  • Business Intelligence;
  • Telemarketing & Interactive Voice Response solutions;
  • Group & Flash Sales;
  • Business Directory listings.

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SquawkinIt helps you acquire, grow, and retain customers using our innovative solutions and established programs. Look at some of the industries we are providing solutions to:

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Construction    Education
Food Service   Faith-Based
Government   Healthcare  
Hospitality    Insurance
Labor Groups   Marketing/Sales  
Clubs & Unions   Retail Commerce  
Telecommunications   Transportation
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