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Not your Ordinary Email

Email Marketing is the traditional way to reach existing and new customers. However, email saturation is prevalent and spam filters are working overtime to sift through the voluminous email traffic. It’s not uncommon to have a “good email” filtered out accidentally. Consumers have reached a point where they do not tolerate email marketing – even if it is from a known and trusted source. Email Solution Suite™ eliminates the nuisance and lack of security associated with traditional email marketing. Business Network Advantage™ employs email for notification purposes, directing recipients to a secure website where they retrieve personalized information and promotions.

Email Solution Suite™

Mobile Solution Suite for Business Network AdvantageEmail Solution Suite™ offers a versatile and powerful communication system that enables you to send geo-targeted email using text messages, mobile websites, mobile applications, and Interactive Voice Response solutions.

With our multi-venue Mobile Solution Suite™, your personalized Business Network Advantage™ program can provide customer benefits independent of their location and extend your market reach and brand.

With our Email Solution Suite™ and Business Network Advantage™ program, your provide customers with emails that will be read, track their usage, protect privacy information, and ensure messages reach their destination recipient. Also, since you are not “bombarding” your customers with emails, your messages because more important to them which gets their attention and strengthens your brand.

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What You can Do in 5 Minutes!

Our Email Solution Suite™ enables you to notify customers of important news, events, and promotions to your customers and other people in your business network! In just 5 minutes you can implement an effective email marketing program that is not only simple to use, but keeps your brand out in front when and where it counts the most! Just look at what you can establish in just 5 minutes using our Email Solution Suite™:

  • Email templates: Choose from our template library which you can easily edit to support your brand strategy. If you can use a word processor, you can use our online email editor tool to add your logo, text, background colors, and images;
  • Social Campaigns: Businesses can include social media links in their email notifications and webpages to drive traffic to preferred social groups;
  • Email Editor: The online email editor is a simple to use as a word processor. Rich text editing capabilities let you develop your own email templates that include hyperlinks, your own images (or use our image library), tables, background images, borders, and your branded colors;
Our Email Editor lets you create exactly what you need!
  • Newsletters: In keeping with our security and privacy policies, email notifications can direct readers to access newsletters that are posted to either your webpage or internally to your private-label Business Network Advantage™ portal;
  • Higher Delivery Performance: Because emails are limited in frequency and content with many consisting as "text only" formats, they have a higher throughput to their destination;
  • Tracking and reporting: Emails and linked web pages are identified and tracked to provide customer behavior and business intelligence. Understand what actions customers take when reading your promotions and campaigns;
  • Private Messaging: Business Network Advantage™ provides private and secure communications between businesses and existing and prospective customers; 
  • Privacy Protection: We only use emails for non-private notifications. Customers register though your private-label Business Network Advantage™ portal. Our unique messaging system lets you filter and segment your existing and prospective customers. Our online subscription manager lets customers change their permission-based service;
  • No Solicitations: Business Network Advantage™ does not participate in sending unsolicited messages or emails. Existing and prospective customers primarily communicate with businesses through private messaging. An email is sent to any party that has received a message or a response. An unsubscribe option is provided for notifications.
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