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Today, more people use mobile devices to access the internet than those using traditional desktop or laptop computers. Mobile devices such as internet capable cell phones and tablets (iPad and Kindle) enable businesses to provide people with on-demand on-location information. This capability provides tremendous opportunities for businesses to extend their brand strategy; increasing profits and market reach without increasing budget.

Mobile Solution Suite™

Mobile Solution Suite for Business Network AdvantageWe provide mobility options that work best for you. Our mobile solutions include mobile websites, mobile applications, and mobile tracking and monitoring devices. We give you options to send information based on rules you define.

Mobile Solution Suite™ offers a versatile and powerful communication system that enables you to send geo-targeted messages using text messages, mobile websites, mobile applications, and Interactive Voice Response solutions.

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With our multi-venue Mobile Solution Suite™, your  personalized Business Network Advantage™ program can provide customer benefits independent of their location and extend your market reach and brand.

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What You can Do in 5 Minutes!

Our Mobile Solution Suite™ means you are never out touch with customers even when they are out of town! In just 5 minutes you can implement an effective mobile marketing program that is not only simple to use, but keeps your brand out in front when and where it counts the most! Just look at what you can establish in just 5 minutes using our Mobile Solution Suite™:

  • Mobile programs using text messaging and emails for discount coupons, promotions, subscriptions, memberships, and rewards programs;
  • Geo-targeted messages when individuals arrive or leave a certain location;
  • Blast messaging at pre-set dates and times (e.g., lunch-time specials offerings);
  • Real-time response to mobile customers who send in requests for sales or support information;
  • Mobile marketing based on real-time monitoring of events, equipment, and people;
  • Create a MoGo Mobile text message subscription program.
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Mobile Customer Spotlight

Mobile Marketing for the Hospitality IndustryA major hotel had an existing rewards program based on accumulating points for purchases. However, nearby competitors were doing the same thing. The hotel needed a competitive advantage, so they turned to our Mobile Solution Suite™ and our Business Network Advantage™. Implementing Business Network Advantage™ enabled the hotel to extend their existing rewards program to customer purchases made outside of the hotel. This provided the foundation for implementing a two-part mobile marketing plan.

With permission from each customer, text message and email incentives were sent to them when they were within a specific geo-location. The promotions included premium gifts, steep discounts, cash back, and other high-value incentives to entice the customer to visit the hotel for either dinner, dancing, or an overnight stay.

Net result: $17,000 monthly increase in profits.


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