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Social Media Energizes your Business

Social media has evolved into a must-have marketing ecosystem. Social media can be used as a retention agent for your most loyal customers, as a marketing tool to acquire new customers, and as an influence venue to generate increased sales. People tend to make purchasing decisions based upon price, convenience, loyalty, reputation, or a combination thereof.

Social Media Solution Suite drives your Brand and Profits!Most people desire to feel personally connected to and confident about stores where they shop. Because of this personal connection and need for affirmation, social media can influence buyers’ decisions. Our Social Media Suite™ yields valuable results: 1) creates buzz about your brand; 2) you learn from existing and perspective customers what they want; 3) you can target markets that result in high ROI for your business; and 4) promote improved relationships between your employees and customers with our FACES™ program.

If your business does not provide products or services that are main stream retail, then customer loyalty can quickly wane because your brand is not frequently “out in front” of your customers. Lack of brand visibility can result in a poor or misconstrued reputation for your business. Reputation management is essential to your business survival. Social Media Solution Suite™ for your Business Network Advantage helps you with reputation management and also in cash flow issues associated with infrequent sales (such expensive and long-lasting items as new cars and kitchen appliances) by keeping your brand “buzzing” in social networks.

Social Media Solution Suite™

Whether you want to generate more leads, increase positive word of mouth experiences, extend your market reach, or convert visitors into customers, Social Medial Solution Suite™ can help you achieve your business goals. Increase the effectiveness of your social network while decreasing your investment of time and money. Some features include:

  • FACES: Put your employees in the limelight – not just your business. By promoting your employees through our Faces in the Crowd (FACES™) program, you are letting customers know that you trust and care about your people, and they, in turn, care about customers. Build relationships between your employees and customers.
  • Reputation Management: People may be talking about you in a way that damages your reputation. You may not have the opportunity to correct misinformation because these people may not visit your facebook page. Our Social Media Reputation Management tools helps you take immediate corrective action to defend your brand and overcome damaging gossip. 
Social Media Solution Suite amplifies customer communications!
 Social Media amplifies listening!
  • Brand Promotion: Promoting your brand also includes knowing what’s said online about your products and services. Similar to reputation management, our brand promotion features lets you understand the demographics of your online visitors and providing positive response even without direct knowledge of who are your visitors.
  • Respond: More than words, we enable you to respond to social media comments by providing positive promotions targeted to specific customers. The best way to win a customer over is to provide exceptional value opportunities
  •  Amplify: Businesses can promote their community around their brands and products, both to reinforce the belief of consumers that they made a smart decision and to provide guidance for getting the most from their purchase.
  • Influence: Our Social Media Solution Suite™ can be used proactively to guide consumers toward long-term behavioral changes. This means in the early stages of customer acquisition it is important to positively promote your brand, generate buzz, and solicit consumer input before after the purchase.

Using our Social Media Solution Suite™ within your Business Network Advantage™ can provide better communication nd relationships between you and your customers, as well as increase your brand value.

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What You can Do in 5 Minutes!

Our Social Media Solution Suite™ enables you to take the pulse of existing and perspective customers on what they are saying and thinking about your brand and your offerings! In just 5 minutes you can present your brand strategy and communication with hundreds or thousands of customers to provide a positive image and feeling about your business. Overcome misinformed and negative conceptions about your business before it damages your brand or profits. Just look at what you can establish in just 5 minutes using our Social Media Solution Suite™:

  • Provide reputation management to better understand or influence individuals or your business brand;
  • Create new or optimize existing social media pages and integrate those venues with your Business Network Advantage™ to create new synergies that drive profits;
  • Promote your employees through our FACES™ venue to provide personalized interaction with customers;
  • Associate targeted internet and mobile marketing offerings with your social venues to better gauge effectiveness and brand positioning;
  • Influence customers so they associate your brand with quality offerings, superior services, and value;
  • Capture and resolve potentially damaging or misinformed perceptions about your brand and business.

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