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Voice Products

Personalize your Communications

Voice communication services can provide a powerful and effective way for generating sales, business leads, customer loyalty, soliciting event participation, and much more. Many people do not regularly check their emails, text messages, social media, web blogs, or chat accounts. Depending upon your customer demographics some of your customers just may not use any internet or cell phone service. However, it’s a safe bet that all of your customers have either a land line telephone or cell phone!

Our Voice Solution Suite™ can be used to boost response rates on marketing & sales initiatives, provide customer appreciation post-sale, announce a new product or service release, and even take pre-release orders. We offer a host of innovative messaging solutions that provide personalized voice communications either using our live operator or Interactive Voice Response services. Let your customers know you appreciate Business Network Advantage offers Superior Voice Productstheir business with your recorded thank you. Offer special discounts or have customers reserve sale items by pressing a number on their phone. With our voice solutions you provide a more personalized experience for your customers to include:

  • Lead Generation;
  • Telemarketing Sales;
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys;
  • Customer Retention Surveys;
  • Upselling/Cross Selling;
  • Lead Qualification;
  • Appointment Setting.

Voice Solution Suite™

Voice Solution Suite™ offers a versatile and powerful communication system that enables you to increase sales by turning “casual web browsers” into sales opportunities with customizable solutions such as:

Voice messages tell customers you appreciate their business! 
  • Live Operator or Voice Recorded Messaging services;
  • Catalog and order entry;
  • Upselling and cross-selling;
  • Credit card order processing;
  • Order Management for fulfillment by you or third-party;
  • Dealer locator services;
  • Customer care and support. 

With our multi-faceted Voice Solution Suite™ within your Business Network Advantage™, you can provide customer benefits independent of their location and extend your market reach and brand.

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What You can Do in 5 Minutes!

Our Voice Solution Suite™ enables you to contact customers on their home or cell phone using your voice recording or the services of our live operators! In just 5 minutes you can give your business the ultimate competitive advantage. Increase your profits, exposure, and brand without increasing your budget. Just look at what you can establish in just 5 minutes using our Voice Solution Suite™:

  • Provide real-time notification solutions;
  • Enable interactions between organizations and their customers;
  • Personalization, customization and 2-way communication;
  • Transaction, tracking, reporting and priority delivery;
  • Polling, escalation, decision rules, event management;
  • Voice broadcast and individual personalized messaging.

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